Skeeterz Rum Bar and Grill is located on a breezy tropical island, deep down in the Caribbean, on beautiful St. Lucia in the West Indies. Think lush rain forests, towering mountains into the sky and gorgeous beaches forever.

Skeeterz is a place to cool out and catch a buzz while listening to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett or jammin’ to the beat of Bob Marley. We love to mix it up, have fun and party.  Everyone is welcome to join us and we offer the coldest drinks on the island, the best burgers and wings you’ll ever taste (promise) and it’s all fire-grilled on an open flame BBQ drum over real “down island” coals (charcoal) that are made right here on island – it’s the best grilled flavor in the Caribbean that can’t be beat – our own lil’ cheeseburgers in paradise.

Like a great Happy Hour?  We do… so don’t hesitate to visit and hang out. If you drink, try out a Piton Beer, it’s smooth, crisp and brewed right here on St. Lucia. We can even do a lime if that’s your thing…Check them out!

There is also RUM!  And we have a few nice tropical rum specials that will keep you coming back for more.  We use the local favorite here as well from St. Lucia Distillery…check them out.

FUN.  And the place for cheeseburgers in Paradise.Skeeterz Rum Bar is your place in St. Lucia to enjoy an unbelievable cheeseburger, real chicken “hot” wings, creative tropical drinks, cocktails, ice cold beers, some of the finest sippin’ Rum, and a causual place to chill.

Skeeterz is all about coolin’ out “island style” and making new friends… so stop by and play pair-a-dice at our one-of-a-kind cool zoned bar, with continuous Caribbean entertainment on the big screen, or just chill in a hammock!

Some keep asking us about the Mosquito’s.  No problem, we have them on cruise control with our Happy Hour!  Down here the locals say that, “if you have enough rum in your blood, the Mosquito’s will leave ya alone”…and we don’t argue with experience!  So, “Get Buzzed Or Get Bit”

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  1. ok, I stumbled upon your business plan and now your blog. I’m intrigued! I live in the VF area of St Lucia and have no idea where your bar is located. And I have been unable to find the location on any of your websites. Do tell, this Texas expat is craving some American service. Am also a travel writer that might just be able to give you some PR as well.

  2. Ok, been checking your website and am defnitely wanting to check you out – however, can’t find anywhere on your site telling where you actually are! As an expat from San Diego living here in the south – I could use a great cheeseburger!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments and my wife and I are anxious to get down there and get going. Please keep an eye on both this site and our website… we will let you know. Also, you can keep an ete on our facebook page, although, we are not very active in posting regularly…hang in there!
    Check us out here and please feel free to send for update!

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